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Isn't sharing a good thing? If you said no, then consider a scenario where you get more incentives the more you share.. Now interested...

We at Socimatic believe that all good things should be shared. The more people signing up using your referral code will benefit both referrer and referee. If a person signs up using your referral code, then both referrer and referee will get 50 credits. Doesn't it sound good.. You bet it is...

If you keep on using our service regularly, then your credits will never go down, and you will unlock more features available to the higher credit range. And NO, you cannot buy credits. Given below is how Socimatic works in a nutshell.

  • Initial Joining Credits

    When you join Socimatic, 100 credits will be given. Even if you do not log in to the site for sometime the credit balance will not go below this.

  • Refer your friends

    For each friend joining Socimatic using your referral code, you and your friend each will get 50 credits to a maxmimum of 800 credits

  • Like our Twitter page

    When you like our Twitter page, you get 100 credits. These credits will appear in the next refresh cycle.

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