Questions and Answers

Given below are the frequently asked questions about Socimatic's social media management platform.

Frequent Asked Questions

Absolutely. Socimatic is FREE and will always be FREE. You will never be asked for any kind of payment on our site.
Signing up for Socimatic is really easy. Click on the button "Sign In with Twitter" on top of the page. It will redirect to Twitter where you can complete the authorization and upon successful authoization you will be rediected Socimatic.
Socimatic will NEVER ask for your passwords. We use Twitter's OAuth process to authenticate your account and hence there is no need to store your passwords.
No, we use the Twitter API service which keeps all your account details private from us, all we can do is use what is called an access key to get various pieces of information about your account. For example, who you follow, your friends, statuses etc. You can revoke access to this at any time.
As per Twitter rules (listed here), it is against the Twitter policy to send DMs to user unless they have made the first contact with you.
We're all ears to your issues and feature suggestions. You can contact us through the contact us page. We will prioritize the implementation of the requested feature based on the number of requests. But be assured that we will implement all your valid suggestion in due course of time.
During initial fetch of all your followers/followings the system will be unable to determine unfollowers. Socimatic will start collecting your account stats (followers/unfollowers/e.t.c.,) after your signup. Login after sometime and you can see your new followers/unfollowers (if any) since your last login.
You can unfollow accounts for various reasons.
01. If you believe in mutual follow and after you follow your followers they leave then you can unfollow that account.
02. We have a feature which identifies accounts sending spam DMs. You can review these accounts and send them politely ask them to stop sending spam DMs and if they do not stop then you can unfollow them.
03. The list goes on...
Use your judgement to unfollow accounts.
Pending users are the accounts to which you have sent the following request to but they have not accepted your request. In this case, you have option to unfollow that account or leave it as it is.
Socimatic runs on an incentive based system. The more people you refer (and the referring person joins Socimatic), the more credits you gain. Certain features get unlocked after you reach a certain level of credits. Liking our Twitter account also gives you an increase of credits. Basically credits are the maximum number of accounts you can follow/unfollow per day (daily credit reset happens at 12 am UTC) and the number of Tweets you can schedule in future.
50 daily credits will be given to each referral and referee account when they join the account with referral code.
We are sorry that you are leaving Socimatic. There are two ways that you can delete yoru account on Socimatic.
01. Login to Socimatic. Navigate to Settings -> Delete my Socimatic account -> Click on the check box to select and then press "Delete Account". Please remember that this process is irreversible and will delete all your data immediately and when you login the next time, your account will be treated as new account and will not have any stats or unfollower data.
02. Revoke Socimatic application's permission from Twitter
We would recommend you follow both the process in the order to delete your account from Socimatic.
There can be various reasons. 01. The account using your referral code deleted their account from Socimatic.
02. You have not logged into Socimatic for a long time. Please remember that logging into Socimatic regularly keeps your daily credits valid.
Accounts on Socimatic will get deleted if there is no activity in the last 3 months. If your account on Socimatic was deleted, you can create your account again and start tracking your followers/unfollowers from that day onwards.
Socimatic will not post any stats unless you explicitly give permission to post Socimatic's data on your timeline. You can goto Settings -> Tweet Settings -> Check the option boxes to enable stats tweet and save the changes. Automatic Tweet from Socimatic will be posted once a day if there are changes to your stat, otherwise no Tweet will be posted.
There are many reasons fo which Twitter will lock your account. 01. You have signed and/or given permissions to various Twitter apps to read/fetch data from your account and they are using up all your limits.
02. You are agressively following/unfollowing accounts using third party which raises RED flag on Twitter. Method to unlock your account will be give in the page.
Absolutely. You can schedule any number of future dated Tweets using our "Schedule Tweets" feature. And what's more, we give you an option to schedule Tweets using CSV upload because we know that scheduling future dated Tweets require more time and creative process and hence more time. This depends on the number of daily credits available at that point in time.